The restaurant has been operating for more than 30 years now alongside with their loyal employees and Hong Kong chefs.

Nature of the Business

       The New Century Seafood restaurant is an Authentic Chinese-Cantonese restaurant that is located on the ground floor of Century Park Hotel in Malate, Manila. It is divided into three phases. Phase 1 is the area that is mostly used for ala-carte and has five private rooms namely, Sapphire, Emerald, Coral, Jade and Pearl. But this phase can also be converted to a function hall that could approximately hold around 300-400 pax(number of people accomodated) for big functions like weddings, birthdays, seminars, and other more. Then the two remaining phases are mostly dedicated for big ballrooms. These are Phase 2 and 3, which definitely have a bigger area that can accommodate 700-800 pax. There is also an additional of three VIP rooms along the hotel’s walkway Ruby, Diamond and Ivory, which can accommodate maximum of 30 pax each.

       In general, The New Century Seafood restaurant has seven private rooms for private dining where guests can enjoy VIP treatment, great ambiance and superb dishes all at the same time. It also has a strong relationship with the Century Park Hotel giving them access to their ballrooms to be able to accommodate more customers. The hotel has two small ballrooms (Kachina and Corregidor), which can accommodate around 200-250 pax each and a grand ballroom that can hold 400-600 pax.

       The New Century Seafood has a wide variety of choices in the ala-carte menu if one wishes to dine-in. For banquets, The New Century Seafood offers set menus. The managers are well rounded and flexible in accordance to client needs. Chefs work very closely with the managers to make sure they deliver the needs of the customers. The kitchen staff and the dining department are also very professional and work as a team.

       Up to this day, The New Century Seafood continues to elevate the way of service they provide, the ambiance and the quality of food they serve. Definitely, it is one of the top well-known restaurants in the country.

A few of the bestselling dishes of the New Century Seafood are shown in Figures 1.1 -1.6:

Figure 1.1 - Dried abalone and Mushroom in
Superior Sauce

Figure 1.2 - Buddha Soup

Figure 1.3 - Crab and Chinese sausage rice

Figure 1.4 - US Scallops

Figure 1.5 - The New Century Seafood
fried rice

Figure 1.6 - Mango Pudding

The New Century Seafood’s aquarium showcases some of the fresh seafood that they serve. Guests have the freedom to request how their seafood will be cooked.

The pictures shown in Figures 1.7 – 1.9 are the actual view enjoyed by the guests:

Figure 1.7 - Seafood Aquarium tank

Figure 1.8 – Lobster

Figure 1.9 - Sea Mantis in bottle and Rock lobster